The Best Ways to Get Facebook Likes

Getting more likes on Facebook is not about vanity. If you run a business or work as an influencer, you need greater reach on your social media platforms.

But do you spend hours curating content for Facebook, only to get a handful of likes on your posts?

Rather than giving up on Facebook, consider alternative ways to increase your visibility. Read through some of the best ways to get Facebook likes on your personal or professional account. These methods are guaranteed to deliver results within days.

Post Proven Content

There is no reason why you have to put out 100 percent unique and original content on your Facebook page. The truth is that a lot of what you see online is regurgitated by several accounts over many years.

Try to find some of the top performing posts in your niche over the past few years. They may not necessarily come from your direct competitors, but companies in other areas targeting similar demographics in their cities.

Use such content, with slight alterations to make it your own, as a way to ensure that you are getting good engagement levels. Content that has delivered for others in the past is going to deliver for you as well. While you do not want all your content to be regurgitated from other accounts, you can give your account a boost every now and then with such posts.

Show Consistency

When you are attempting to gain traction on Facebook, you must be consistent. Ensure that you are producing content regularly, and posting at similar times each day. Such a process helps to build up a schedule with your audience, even if they may not realize it at first.

Consistency also has the effect of ensuring that you remain on task. When you know that you must post on Facebook each day at certain times, you are more likely to do so.

Those who do not have the time to get in front of the computer at specific moments each day can even schedule their posts. You can set up an entire week’s worth of posts each Sunday, and then automatically get them up on Facebook at a certain time each day.

Use Images Effectively

Images are an essential aspect of marketing products, services or yourself on Facebook. Think about posts from your perspective. When you are scrolling through Facebook, are you more likely to look at images or text?

Most people will focus on images, which is why having interesting and compelling images along with your posts will result in more people reading through the entire post. That gives you a greater chance of getting more likes.

The images you are posting should be unique and not too generic. You want something that is interesting, but is also going to help the person who is reading your post learn more about your personality or the aesthetic of your business.

Buy Likes

An option that you should never discount is to buy likes for Facebook. Even if you are competing all of the above and below steps, you may need some extra help to get your account to a high level much faster.

When you buy likes, you are elevating all your posts within the Facebook platform. These posts are much more likely to trend in your area, which means other people are going to see them on their news feed.

A trending post is likely to be seen by someone who is searching for related keywords on Facebook. Then you have to reel them in with the quality of your post.

They see the post because you bought 1,000 likes, but you are going to get far more organic likes if people on the platform enjoy your post and it starts to trend. Then you will get a lot more followers on your page, and you may not even need to buy likes in the future.

Keep It Short and Simple

You may think that companies posting lengthy paragraphs within each post are the ones who get the most followers. The opposite is true in most instances.

If you were to look at the posts that are trending within a particular niche or sector, you would find that most of those posts are not very long. People enjoy short and simple – especially on social media.

Even if you have a lot to stay, try and summarize your feelings as concisely as possible. If you want to talk about multiple topics, split those thoughts among several posts.

Stay Relevant

Maintain an interest in what is trending on Facebook and in the world in general. When you are aware of current events, both within your industry and in a wider sense, you are more likely to post relevant content.

While a business does not necessarily need to become political in its posts, adding some political or pop culture references to your posts is a good way to get more people to have an interest in what you are saying.

Posting relevant content will get you more likes on Facebook, and may even increase the number of people who choose to follow your page.

Include Calls to Action

Do not forget about adding calls to action within your posts. Encourage people to like your page, visit your website, follow you on other social media platforms, and leave comments below your post.

Ensure you are responding to people who do comment, because you want to create a community atmosphere around your posts. When people see that you are willing to take time to respond to comments, they will engage further and are much more likely to follow your page.

Leverage Facebook to Further Your Goals

Regardless of your industry or profession, you can use Facebook to further your goals. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and influencers can all elevate their companies or personal brands through their pages.

The above methods will not only help you create better content on Facebook – but ensure you get more likes on every single post.