The Best Twitter Management Tools for Small Businesses

If you run an online business, you surely know how useful and how important it is to leverage the power of social media to get your business some more visibility on the internet. After all, there are billions of folks floating around the world’s social media platforms each day, and one of the most popular and most-frequented platforms is Twitter.

What if you don’t know much about Twitter?

You likely know that you should start a presence on the platform anyway, just so you can begin to get more eyes on the content you work hard to produce.

While you might dread spending more time on yet another social media platform working to build an audience, there are some simple tools you can utilize to help you make your time spent on Twitter easier and even more productive.

Exciting Tools to Build Your Following

There are plenty of third-party tools available to help you build up your following on Twitter and easily engage with the people who follow you.

If you want to maximize your efforts on the platform without spending much more time and money on it, think about checking out some of the following kinds of tools that exist on the internet for you and other aspiring Twitter users to utilize, helping you build up your follower count and engagement rates, all while making it simple.

  1. Social Media Hubs

A social media hub is a platform where you can connect all of your social media accounts into one place. This means you won’t have to juggle tabs between all of the different platforms you are setting your business upon, and you can easily see comments, likes, shares, messages, and more all in one place.

Social media hubs are platforms used to save time for the business owner. Instead of jumping from one platform to the next, you can simply consolidate your accounts all into one area, making your hub your one-stop shop for all of your social media-related things.

Many of these social media hub platforms also allow you to easily bring in members of your social media team if you have one, so you can all easily collaborate together on the making, scheduling, and delivery of content to all of your connected accounts at one time. Talk about time-saving!

  1. Tweet Schedulers

If you want to save time only on Twitter, there exist tools to help with that, too. Thanks to “tweet scheduling” tools, anyone can connect their Twitter account and write up all of the tweets they would like to have sent out for the week, and then put them in a queue to be tweeted out on their profile at a specific time or date.

You can get quite detailed with how you can control this. If you want only one tweet to go out on one day and other tweets to go out on the next, they can all be scheduled and queued easily with a tweet scheduling tool.

This is a time-saving way for someone who is running a business on their own to easily plan their tweets. Schedule them all out in a “set it and forget it” kind of way, or you can think about when your followers are most active and schedule each tweet to go out at times when it is most likely to be seen. You have a good deal of control using these tools, so take advantage of it to get your posts seen by as many folks possible.

  1. Analytical Tools

It never hurts to know how your tweets are performing, and this is where tools for analytics come into play. When you connect your Twitter account to an analytics platform, you get a much greater view over how your tweets perform, who sees them, and more.

Many of these platforms let you see even the tiniest of details about your tweets. For example, you can see at a country or even state level where your tweets were seen the most, where they were shared and engaged with the most, and more. This allows you to get deeper insights into your posts, and come to know your audience at a better level.

  1. Advertising Tools

To get eyes on your content, you have to promote it. Twitter has built-in tools for advertising, and there are also plenty of third-party tools that can come in handy to help push your ads to the people who might like to see them.

You can use advertising tools to customize your ads, personalize which audience they will be delivered to, and plenty more. Get the most out of your advertising budget by having the most control over it, which can be done easily with third-party tools or Twitter’s own built-in ad manager.

  1. Follower-Buying Tools

If you simply seem to be having a hard time getting a foothold on social media, think about giving yourself a head-start by buying some followers. You can purchase followers, likes, comments, and even more from various services online. All you need to do is input some of your profile’s information, put in some payment details, and then sit back and wait.

Your followers, likes, comments, and more will be delivered to your Twitter account. This can help your profile have the appearance of a trusted, well-known name that people identify with. Buying followers might even help you gain a better organic following when people begin seeing your content more often because people seem to trust profiles with higher follower counts.

Which Tools Are in Your Social Media Toolbox?

Ready to take some of these tools for a spin and give yourself an edge in your social media marketing? It can be simple thanks to these helpful services, aiding you in getting your content seen and potentially gaining more sales through social media.

Whatever tools you decide to use, make sure you use them with some imagination and continue to post engaging content. In no time, you should start to see the fruits of your labor begin to pay off.