Seven Instagram Accounts for Beer Lovers

Instagram has been a great way for everyone to share their passions and favorite things online with friends and family, while keeping up with everyone else posting about the same interests. As far as social media goes, Instagram has got it in the bag when it comes to creating incredible visuals with just the lens of your phone, though many take it further and use professional cameras and editing systems on their Instagram images. No matter how you decide to do it, using Instagram as a platform for your creativity can be a fun way to indulge in all your favorite things – even beer! That’s right, as Instagram grows in popularity, beertography has become a thing. These accounts are all dedicated to beer photography and are done by professionals who share a passion for the drink and culture.

  1. John Kleinchester @beertography: The original creator of the popular hashtag that stemmed the rise of several of #beertography accounts runs this one, and also works for a successful brewery when he isn’t snapping insane images of beer and beverages.
  2. Mike Donk @brewbokeh: Originally, he was a concert photographer before he got started on capturing beautiful beer imagery. His talent behind a camera has proven itself in the great shots he gets of the wine and beer from the various breweries he visits and shoots.
  3. Craft Not Crap @craft_not_crap: Not only does this account have crisp, clear shots of beer in a minimalistic style, but it also gives honest reviews about the flavors and quality of the beverages featured in the posts! They even offer suggestions for what to pair your drinks with for maximum flavor.
  4. Jessica Rice McNew @beerandbaking: A baker who includes craft beer into her recipes and runs a successful blog uses Instagram as an extension to her writing, and includes great shots of beertography, delicious dishes, and fun pop art designs. This account is fun and colorful and a great one to follow if you love both beer and baking!
  5. Cory Smith @bkbeerguy: This artist has taken his creativity to a higher plane by creating an Instagram account full of aesthetic beertography and peeks into his life as a writer in New York. His brewery adventures are chronicled on the account, which is an extension of his personal page with more in-depth content to his personal life.
  6. BOTTLETRADE @thebottletrade: Kick it up a notch by using Instagram as a way to acquire new wine and beer while trading your own! This account created the social media version of a swap group, and the community is strong within the walls of Instagram. The account has over 20k followers, and there are several posts in the #bottletrade hashtag that it advertises.
  7. Ashley Routson @thebeerwench: An activist in the LGBTQ+ and human rights movements doubles as a beer lover and uses her account to share these passions in a fun, light-hearted way! She may be one of the very first beer personalities out there on social media and has a huge following of fans and friends!