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Elevate your business with Twicsy Marketing's bespoke social media marketing strategies.

Often, businesses of all sizes fail to grasp the immense potential that social media holds. A well-crafted social media marketing campaign can serve as a powerful lead generator and engagement strategy, elevating your brand’s visibility and awareness.

Twicsy Marketing’s comprehensive social media marketing campaigns are tailored to attract more leads, enhance traffic, and foster ongoing engagement with a brand that offers unparalleled value and captivation. Through our collaboration with esteemed social media marketing partner agencies, we empower you to unlock your maximum potential.


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1. Establishing Goals

At Twicsy Marketing, we kickstart the process by identifying your objectives and ultimate aspirations for the social media marketing campaign. Whether it’s boosting sales, enhancing traffic, or fostering engagement, we lend an attentive ear to your unique goals.

2. Thorough Social Media Assessment

Next, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your existing social media accounts to gauge their current performance and engagement levels. This thorough analysis serves as a baseline against which progress can be measured.

3. In-Depth Market Analysis

We delve into an in-depth examination of your industry, competitors, and market landscape to gain valuable insights and determine the most effective approach for your social media marketing campaign. We collaborate closely with you throughout this journey.

4. Crafted Content Blueprint

Lastly, we curate a meticulously crafted content plan and schedule that aligns with your marketing objectives. We ensure that nothing proceeds without your prior approval and consent.

1. Identify Objectives

Devumi will begin by determining your objectives and end goal for the social media marketing campaign. More sales? Improved traffic? Better engagement? We will listen to your goals.

2. Social Media Audit

We will then carry out an extensive audit of all your existing social media accounts to gauge their current level of performance and engagement. This helps us set an initial benchmark.

3. Market Research

Your competitors and the industry/market is then analyzed to understand how to best approach a social media marketing campaign. We will work with you every step of the way.

4. Content Plan

Finally, we will construct a well-made content plan and schedule that is designed to reach your marketing objectives. Nothing is started without your prior approval and go-ahead.


Amplify Your Brand's Visibility on the Key Social
Platforms that Hold Significance


Our meticulously designed Facebook campaigns are tailored to identify the most promising prospects among your user base, primed to convert into valuable sales. Through strategic post and ad selection, coupled with unique contest approaches, we'll ignite discussions about your brand among your target audience.

As Google's dominant user-generated video platform, YouTube boasts an expansive audience waiting to be tapped into. Together, we'll embark on an innovative video campaign journey, leveraging the platform's growth to captivate viewers and drive engagement.

Harnessing the expertise of our esteemed social media marketing partners, we'll curate visually captivating content for your audience, enabling you to forge an emotional bond with potential customers and users.

Never underestimate the power of Twitter, a platform that facilitates swift information sharing. With an astute content strategy in place, Twitter can catapult you towards transforming your tweets into successful conversions, setting you on the path to sales.