Marketing on Instagram: The Best Tools to Save You Time!

Taking a marketing campaign to Instagram is something most businesses have already started doing. If you have already begun this process, then great! If not, it isn’t too hard to get set up on Instagram with an account for your brand, and it can be made even easier by taking advantage of some of the great tools that are out there to assist business owners on social media. Saving time has never been easier with these helpful, simple tools to really speed up your experience online!

  1. A social media content calendar. Every good marketing campaign comes with a winning strategy, and keeping everything organized by mapping out upcoming events, promotions, and even sneak peeks can be a great way to keep you focused and ready to use your account for months to come. Plus, it keeps all your great thinking in one place, so as the ideas hit, you can record them.
  2. ScheduGram. Out of all the scheduling apps out there, this one definitely takes the top place. To put it simply, this app lets you mass upload and edit images with their captions online and allows you to create a schedule of when they are posted. The cherry on top, however, is that you can run several accounts and allow multiple users to access the schedule. It’s great for teams and group projects!
  3. Latergramme. An alternative to ScheduGram, this is a free, slightly less feature-heavy way to schedule posts and keep things organized. The number of posts you can do a month is limited to 30 with the free version, but many find that this is plenty! The extra content can always be manually added.
  4. Buffer. Yet another fan favorite scheduling app, but this one comes with a few extras like downloadable widgets, an included calendar, Pinterest and other social media site cross-scheduling, and you can link up to ten accounts!
  5. Keyhole. Hashtags are what make the Instagram world go round, so this handy website has created a tool to help you search, track, and analyze hashtags. It’s a great way to keep an eye on brand specific tags or see which ones are getting more attention.
  6. ClearVoice. When using Instagram, it’s very important to avoid sounding robotic and fake. The app is built on engagement and authenticity within the community. Using automated services to run an account for you will hurt you more than help you, but this website is a good medium between the two. The tool finds relevant and popular topics, trends, and people and suggests different things for you to share with your followers. A bonus is that it can work for any of your social media sites! This saves time because you don’t have to go hunting for gripping content anymore. Instead, it’s delivered directly to you!

Having an engaging Instagram account doesn’t have to take a ton of your time. Utilize these tools to save time, and get more done.