How to Get More YouTube Views

YouTube is an interesting platform to work with, and there are a lot of different ways that you can utilize it for marketing purposes. Whether you’re an influencer or a small business owner, it’s really important that you are visible on platforms like YouTube.

How are you supposed to get started? Getting more views is a great start to the process – but how do you make that happen? And why does it matter? Here is an in-depth look at how you can get more views and what you can do to succeed with YouTube.

Why Do Views Matter?

The obvious question you’re likely asking is why views are going to matter to you in the first place – and why you need to continually get more and more views. And those are great questions to ask!

Views are your way of letting people – and those at YouTube – know how much interest your videos have to those who see them. The more views your video has, the more interesting it must be, right? Maybe not always, but it does indicate that a lot of people have watched the video which can logically translate into the idea that a lot of people have shown interest in it.

You’ll get two levels of views in your analytics – those that stayed for less than 30 seconds, and those who watched the whole thing. This can help you to see how well you’re drawing your audience in. If they aren’t staying for more than 30 seconds, then you may need to “get to the point” faster or find ways to intro your videos that can help them to thrive.

Lastly, views are how your page gets monetized. If you’re looking to make money on YouTube, then you want to be certain that you’re getting views. You need a certain number of views and subscribers to get monetized in the first place and, the more views you get, the more you get paid – it’s that simple.

Create Content that People Will Be Drawn To

Obviously, your content needs to be front and center when you’re developing a YouTube channel. If you’re not creating content that people enjoy, then why would they want to watch it in the first place?

It takes time to make high quality content, but remember, you don’t need anything fancy to make it happen effectively. You need to script it out and you will want to edit it, even if it’s just to take out bloopers.

More often than not, you’re going to start off with pretty basic equipment – and that’s okay. The quality should be in what you deliver, whether it’s product reviews, information about your industry, and other things. As your channel grows, you can invest money into better cameras and microphones.

Engage with Viewers in the Comments and on Social Media

The most popular YouTube pages are those where the content creator interacts with their audience. Always be sure that you reply to the people who are leaving comments on your videos – this helps them to get some insight as to who you are and what you’re doing.

Also, have social media set up for your channel or business. You can always embed your social media channels onto your videos or into your profile, which makes it easier for your viewers to interact with you. The easier it is for them to reach you, the more likely that they’ll come back for more.

Cross-Promote with Other Creators With Similar Audiences

Cross promoting and collaborating with other content creators is a sure-fire way to get more viewers. It can help you to reach a new audience or connect with an audience that you weren’t sure how to reach otherwise.

Whether it’s by making a video together or sharing about a product or service, you will definitely find that there are a lot of advantages to collaboration.

Watermarks and Logos

Protecting your content is a very easy way to ensure that you get views. There are some people out there who literally take content from other people’s YouTube channels and social media and then act as if the content is theirs.

With a watermark and/or logo on your content, you can actually benefit from those practices. People will see the watermark (even on those other pages) and seek out your content if they liked it. So, you end up getting lots more views.

Encourage Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

One of the most reliable ways to get more views is to get more subscribers. Subscribers can get alerts as to when you post new content if they wish. Even if they don’t, your new videos will be on their “subscribed” page, where they can view your content alongside of other content creators that an individual is subscribed to.

How do you get more subscribers? Many of the same ways that you get more views. But, also, by just reminding people to subscribe to your channel. Make the process as simple as possible and people are going to be a lot more likely to go through with it.

Have Fun! 

This should not be something that is taxing on your time or effort. You want to be sure that you are having fun with it – because why do it if it’s going to stress you out? If you have a little fun with the content you make, you’ll find that it comes more naturally – and the views will, as well.

Tap into your creativity and do the best that you can in order to stay fresh and have fun with it. In the long run, it’ll be the best way to ensure that you have a thriving YouTube channel that people will enjoy visiting and working within the long run.

If you can figure out how to harness the power of YouTube, you will find that it can work really well for you and what you need to accomplish. With a bit of creativity and some work, you’re sure to develop a plan and ensure that you can get a lot of return for your efforts in the long run.