How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Billions of people spend time on YouTube to learn about their interests and the world, or just to have fun. In fact, there are more than one billion hours of YouTube content consumed every single day

YouTube is not only a place where people can share information with others. The video platform is ideal for businesses to market products and services.

Whether you are running a business channel on YouTube, or wish to develop your career as an influencer, you need more YouTube subscribers.

Below is a ten step guide in how to get more YouTube subscribers organically and quickly.

  1. Clean Up Your Channel

Every YouTube channel goes through some growing pains. When you first started on the platform, you may not have been sure where you wanted your channel to go in terms of aesthetic and content.

Now you have a firmer idea of your goals on YouTube and with social media marketing in general. Take some time to look through your older YouTube content to determine if the videos are still a fit with your present aesthetic.

If you have videos that do not fit your image, or are poor quality compared to your other content, remove them from your channel. No one is going to miss those videos, and new channel visitors who go through your past videos will only see your best content.

Even if you have fewer videos on your channel, the overall quality of your content rises when you eliminate your weakest or most irrelevant videos.

  1. Produce Watchable and Relevant Content

YouTube is a site with a seemingly unending stream of content on every subject under the sun. There is no doubt that YouTube can feel very cluttered, especially in competitive sectors.

When you are attempting to grow your channel, your goal is to stand out among the crowd. People should see something unique in your videos, and be compelled to click on them.

Create videos that are relevant to your niche and extremely watchable. Do not create content for the sake of creation, as that will result in poor or middling quality videos that very few people will watch or enjoy.

Research a subject beforehand, write a tight script for your video, shoot at a location that is picturesque or professional, and edit the video professionally before uploading it onto YouTube.

  1. Create Excellent Trailers

Channel trailers are a wonderful way for people or businesses to introduce themselves to new visitors.

Say a person is searching for a particular topic and they come across your channel. Your channel trailer is the ideal way to introduce yourself or your company, and explain what you will provide to watchers through your videos.

People are either going to approach your channel trailer blind, having not seen any of your videos, or they will visit your channel after seeing one video. Keep these facts in mind when you create a trailer.

Keep the trailer short, ideally between 30 to 60 seconds, and grab the viewer’s attention right away. They should find you appealing, interesting, authoritative, and most of all relatable. If you can achieve that in your channel trailer, there is a good chance watchers will click on the “videos” tab and look at some of your recent and past videos.

  1. Limit Video Length

There is a temptation to create very long videos on YouTube, especially if you are going over a complex or deep topic. The problem is that unless you have a famous channel, is anyone going to watch those videos?

Think about the matter from your perspective – how often do you watch 15 to 30 minute videos on YouTube? Have you ever seen such a long video from a creator you knew nothing about beforehand?

The answer is likely that you rarely watch longer videos, so keep that in mind when creating your own content. Ensure your videos are anywhere from three to six minutes, and get straight to the point from the first second.

People have shorter attention spans than ever before, as there is so much content vying for their attention. Do not expect someone to sit through fifteen minutes of a single video, especially if they are a new visitor to your channel.

  1. Create Playlists of Videos

If your channel is dedicated a specific industry or niche, you likely have many videos that touch on three or four specific topics. One way to increase your viewership and channel subscriptions is to create playlists.

Write down a list of all the topics your videos cover, and then create playlists for each topic. Continue adding videos to playlists as they go live on your channel, and encourage viewers to check out your playlists section while they are watching a video.

  1. Add Calls to Action in Appropriate Places

Calls to action are the best way to get people who are watching your videos to subscribe to your channel.

Start with a call to action after the initial introduction to your video. Ask the viewer to hit the subscribe button or something to that effect, and they will be very likely to subscribe if they like what you are saying in your videos.

You can also add a call to action near the end, asking for subscriptions or encouraging people to watch some of your other videos. These calls to action do work, and they create a bond between yourself and your viewers.

There is also the option of setting up an end screen after your video is over. These screens usually have several thumbnails in one screen, which link to some of your other videos and include a button where you can tell someone to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Create Unique Thumbnails

Every video on your channel should have a unique and interesting thumbnail. Do not simply choose a stationary moment from the video, as you want people to want to watch your videos.

Say people are scrolling through their YouTube home page and you are one of the recommended channels according to the YouTube algorithm. They may be shown thumbnails of one or more of your videos.

Those thumbnails should make someone interested as soon as they glance at the small image or images. That thumbnail should not only match with the topic of your video, but encourage a viewer to click right away.

  1. Post Regularly and on a Schedule

One of the advantages of the digital era of media is that people no longer have to sit down in front of the television at specific times to watch television shows or movies.

YouTube takes that a step further, as the videos on the platform are free. That does not mean you should post videos infrequently or at random days and times.

Creating a schedule is an excellent way to develop an audience on the platform. If people expect you are going to release a video every other day, you are more likely to have people visiting your channel on those days to watch your content.

Try to set up a schedule for when you are releasing videos. Perhaps once a week works for your niche. Then you should pick a time window where a majority of your viewership is online and ready to watch.

When your videos get a lot of viewers within an hour or two of going live, they are more likely to trend on YouTube or show up in other people’s recommendations. That is the incentive to create a schedule and get people to watch your content right away.

  1. Use YouTube’s Advertising Platform

YouTube has an outstanding advertising platform, as one would expect from Google. You can create display and overlay ads, skippable or non-skippable video ads, and bumper ads to place on YouTube for your channel.

Ever spent some time on YouTube, only to have your content interrupted by quick videos you cannot skip? Those are a helpful way to grab people’s attention, but you must ensure they are very short as people do not like being forced to watch ads for 20 or 30 seconds.

You can also create longer video ads, but those should be skippable after ten or fifteen seconds. These videos could be separate from your other content, or you could use one or more of your channel videos as ads.

  1. Buy Followers

One way to increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel is to buy them from reputable websites. There are many platforms where you can buy real and verified YouTube subscribers for your channel, and receive them onto that channel within hours.

These followers you buy will help your channel grow, as people will see your channel has tens of thousands of followers. That makes them more likely to click on your content, which will give you more organic followers as well.

Ensure you are buying followers from sites you trust, as there are places that sell you fake followers that are bot accounts. Such followers are not going to help, as they may be removed from your follower count and may even get you in trouble with YouTube.

Elevate Your YouTube Channel

Having more subscribers on YouTube is not only about pride and social clout. A channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers is seen as legitimate and an authority on a topic.

Whether you run a business or wish to further your personal brand, YouTube can make your dreams come true. The above tips will help you in improving your YouTube channel and significantly adding to your subscriber count.