How to Get More Twitter Followers

Social media is an excellent tool for small business owners to leverage. Many businesses are able to avoid spending thousands of dollars on expensive print marketing campaigns and instead put that money into social media accounts.

Social media marketing can elevate your business to the same status as a larger company in your niche. Invest in high quality, engaging content, and get more followers on Twitter and other platforms.

Below is a guide that explains how to get more Twitter followers for your account quickly and affordably.

Create a Unique and Informative Profile

When a person sees a tweet from your account, they may click on your handle and view your profile. That Twitter profile must be flawless if you wish to get as many followers as possible.

The first step to a great profile is having the ideal handle. Ensure you are using a word, name or phrase that corresponds to your brand or business. Then you need to update the rest of your profile.

Twitter allows you to select a profile photo, along with a banner photo. The ideal profile photo is one of your business name and logo, or your personal logo if you are an influencer or freelancer.

Some influencers may find it more useful to have their picture as their profile photo, while using their professional branding or logo as the banner picture. Businesses often succeed with the logo as the profile photo, while a photograph of their physical store(s) works as a great banner photo.

Post a Lot

In general, people do not come on Twitter to catch up with friends or family, or look at pictures. They want to consume news, gossip and pop culture analysis, and they want to do it at a frenetic pace.

The more you are tweeting, the more likely you are to gain more followers. That is because every tweet has the possibility of going viral. Ensure you are posting relevant and quality content, but do post at least five or six times a day if you want maximum engagement.

Business owners who do not have time to post on Twitter all day may want to invest in automation software. Such programs allow you to link your Twitter account and then set up tweets that you can post at specific times throughout the week.

Engage with Comments and Retweets

Shying away from conversation is not a successful strategy for making it big on Twitter. Even if you want to avoid controversy or negative publicity, you must not be afraid to converse with people who comment on your tweets or retweet your posts.

Every time you engage with another person, you increase the chances of them following your account. Those people may have followers who see that exchange, and they may choose to follow your account as well.

Not all engagement is positive, and you should not fear losing a few followers after an ill-advised tweet. If you tweet something that is received badly, delete the tweet and move on to another topic of conversation.

Buy Twitter Followers

Every account needs a bit of help, especially if you recently created your Twitter profile. Buying Twitter followers is possible if you find reputable sellers.

Do not make the mistake of buying from random websites, even if you see very low prices for Twitter followers, likes and retweets. Only trust sellers that have a good reputation, as those are the sites that sell real follows from active Twitter accounts.

Getting a lot of follows from bots is not going to help your business. A quick scan of your followers list would show up these bots, and other people would not want to follow your account.

When you buy followers from high quality sellers, you are boosting your Twitter account in the right way. These are real followers who may engage with your content. When someone sees a tweet of yours, clicks on your account, and assesses your followers, they will see that every follower is a real account.

Use Hashtags

The hashtag system on Twitter is the best way to elevate your tweets. When you use a specific hashtag, you can see how the text becomes blue and is clickable.

A person can click the hashtag and see all other posts with the same hashtag. They can sort those results by popularity or time, and that allows them to dive into a conversation within seconds.

When you use hashtags, your tweets are more likely to catch the attention of people who are not yet following your account. If they like your tweet, they may reply, retweet or even follow you right away.

Create Twitter Threads

Threading tweets has become a lot more popular on the Twitter platform. While the social media site originally focused on 160 character limits for tweets, those limits were later increased.

Not only can you send longer tweets on the platform, but you can reply to your own tweet and create a thread for others to follow. When they click on the first tweet, they see the entire thread.

Such threads are a great way to provide more information about a subject, state your opinion on a current event or pop culture moment, or inform people about products, services or special sales at your business.

Threads often get a lot of retweets and likes, as they have a higher chance of going viral. You can even end the thread with a self-promotion, by dedicating the last tweet to a link for your website or other social media profiles.

Jump Start Your Presence on Twitter

Having a Twitter account and submitting a few posts is not enough to gain a large following. On the other hand, investing time and money into the content you post on Twitter can help you gain a lot of followers.

Buying followers is also an excellent option, especially if you want to jump-start the process of having a popular Twitter account.

The above guide should ensure you have a serious presence on Twitter within weeks, which can help you make the most of your social media marketing strategy.