How to Get More SoundCloud Plays

When it comes to building yourself up online and getting noticed by more people all over the world, there is no better place for independent musicians than the SoundCloud platform. With a visit to the website or a simple tap on the smartphone application, anyone can create an account, record some music, and upload it for the world to hear in a matter of minutes. It’s never been easier for musicians looking to share their craft with the world.

Hopeful musicians have never had more accessibility to easily allowing themselves to get their music out there. If you can record it, you can post it, and people will hear it. SoundCloud plays can add up to more people following your passion for music, which can translate into more fans and album sales. This is why you should try to take your plays on SoundCloud seriously if you want to try to break into the world of online music.

What Can You Do?

It’s simple. If you’re not already on SoundCloud, make a profile on the platform now, and begin thinking about which of your tracks you would like to upload first. A SoundCloud page might be able to help you open new musical doors for yourself, and you can use some of the following helpful hints to get your music in front of millions of potential listeners.

  1. Post-high-quality audio on SoundCloud

Just because you can upload anything to SoundCloud, doesn’t mean you should. Before you plan on uploading any of your tracks, make sure they sound nice and crisp by properly mixing and mastering them. Audio recorded on a phone microphone might not sound that great on many audio systems, and a professional mix and master will make it sound amazing on any kind of stereo setup.

If you want to show the world you are serious about your music, there is no better statement than simply putting out quality, high-definition tracks.

  1. Share your newly posted tracks on your other social media pages

You shouldn’t forget to share your songs with the people you already connect with on other social platforms, so make sure you remember to share your new SoundCloud uploads on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks, too! Don’t discount the folks who already know you – they might end up being some of your most rabid fans.

Anytime you post a track you’re proud of, think about sharing it around on social media. This will encourage other folks you know to share it, too, and might come in handy for helping your tracks be heard by folks who might never visit SoundCloud and hear it for themselves.

  1. Spotlight your favorite songs for easier discovery

On SoundCloud, any artist can easily highlight what they believe is their best work for others to find easily and without having to search. Using the Spotlight feature on the platform, pick out your top five tracks of yours and rank them. Spotlighting your tracks helps others be able to see them easily on the top of your page, and will show the world what you consider to be some of your very best work.

This is an often underappreciated feature on SoundCloud that can actually help both listeners and artists, so don’t hesitate to spotlight your favorite of your tracks. Ask your community for their opinions on what your best songs are, and you might get some interesting suggestions on which tracks you should be spotlighting for your page.

  1. Don’t forget the importance of engaging with your listeners

SoundCloud isn’t just for posting your music. Folks can also comment on songs, message each other, and share each other’s songs using a similar function to retweeting. Simply hit the share button on a track, and that track will appear on the timelines of people following you. A great way to help other musicians whose work you might be enjoying.

Listeners love engagement on SoundCloud, too. Take some time each week to sit down and analyze how you are doing on the platform, including how your comments and shares are doing. Try to reply to some of the comments, and any direct messages you might have received. This shows engagement from you, and people love connecting with engaging artists.

Being more engaging can help you net more followers on SoundCloud, so be sure you are setting some time aside to connect with your fans. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have a following, so let them know how much you appreciate the time they spend listening to and helping promote your work.

  1. Share others, and others might share you!

Don’t forget how important it is to help other musicians out if you want them to help you out. If you find a really cool song on SoundCloud that seems to speak to you, don’t hesitate to hit the share button. People love it when their fellow musicians share their work on the platform, and might even be encouraged to check out your profile and give your tracks a share, as well.

Sharing is good for community on SoundCloud, and also helps your tracks reach other people’s timelines who might not have even heard of you otherwise. In this way, sharing is a valuable part of the SoundCloud economy.

Getting Heard Easily

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to be a musician. You don’t need to worry about trying to impress a bunch of record labels and music executives anymore – now, the best thing you can do is connect directly with the fans who want to enjoy your music the most.

Getting yourself heard on SoundCloud requires some of the same kinds of work and dedication as you might need to make it on other social platforms. You need to post your content, share it with the world, and encourage others to listen to it and engage with you. With the tools provided by SoundCloud and some creativity, you can get your tracks heard by the millions of folks signing into SoundCloud every single day.