How to Get More Retweets on Twitter

Twitter has become the de-facto town square of the internet, with millions of folks signing on to tweet and check out other tweets every day. Online business owners should do everything they can to get their own content seen by some of these folks and attempt to get them to share their content with followers.

This is an essential function on Twitter: the retweet ability. For you to fully understand how retweets can help you as a business owner looking to make their name known on the platform, get familiar with this guide on retweets and what they can do to help you build visibility and credibility on Twitter.

What Are Retweets?

On Twitter, a retweet is essentially a “share” on the platform. Similar to how you can repost someone’s content on Facebook for your own audience to see, retweeting allows you to take a tweet and share it with your followers on Twitter.

As a business owner trying to make a splash in the Twittersphere, you should be concerned with retweets.

People sharing your posts on Twitter can help your content be seen by even more people, and the more folks to check out your content, the better – after all, those eyes skimming your tweets could become potential customers. This is why you should place some importance on retweets, and work to make sure people on Twitter actively share your content with the world.

How You Can Get the Most Retweets for Maximum Visibility

When you have several other accounts retweeting your content, it makes it much simpler for other people to be exposed to your content. This is one reason why you should consider a retweet as something good for you – it will get your content in front of the followers of the person who retweeted it. After several accounts retweet a single post, it can begin to build some traction and visibility.

How can you be sure people will retweet your content, though?

Take a few steps beforehand and you should find it simple enough to get some retweets on your posts. Here are a few easy tips you can follow to get started on your journey for more retweets.

  • Make sure the content you post is original and engaging

This should come as no surprise, but people love original, interesting content. When you come up with something new to tweet on your page, make sure it is something that hasn’t already been done a thousand times, and make it as engaging as possible.

To make it engaging, think about adding in a question to ask the reader at the end of the tweet. For example, if you are a bakery doing a post about pies, think about adding in a simple question at the end: “What is your favorite kind of pie?” This will encourage readers to comment on and even share your post, helping you build up engagement rates with your content while getting it more exposure at the same time.

  • Add in multimedia to really grab the attention of the reader

Want to make sure you can grab the attention of people scrolling through their Twitter timelines?

Simply add in some neat multimedia to your tweets to help them stick out from the crowd.

People like tweets with neat images, memes, GIF animations, or short videos. All of these ideas can help you get more eyeballs on your tweets, so think about adding in some images or video on your next tweet to help it get more exposure and encourage folks to share it.

  • Use relevant hashtags so the tweet is seen by folks already interested in it

Much like on Instagram, tweets on Twitter are sorted categorically by their hashtags. You can assign hashtags to your posts on Twitter by finding out which hashtags are relevant to your content and applying them to your post.

Using the bakery example again, if you wanted your post about pies to be seen by millions of potential pie-lovers who are already searching for information about pie on the platform, you would simply tag your tweet with something like #PieAllDay #TastyPies #Pie4Life!

Hashtags are one of the most important ways to give visibility to your posts, so make sure you spend some time looking for the most relevant ones for your niche. Find the correct hashtags, and you can make building your visibility on the platform almost trivial as people share your content with their own followers.

  • Make your content useful, something people will want to share

Finally, you should make sure that the content you post is original and useful. People don’t want to see the same information regurgitated over and over by different profiles. Instead, make your own content that is useful and encourages people to engage with it.

Why not make a video series about why your business is awesome? Maybe you could do an article series on products you sell that people might fund useful. Whatever kind of content you decide to make, make it simple and informative to encourage the right people to share it with their friends by retweeting.

With amazing, original, and engaging content on your profile, folks will be more tempted to share it and those retweets might end up with new followers coming to check your profile out. However, if your content is not original or engaging, people might just scroll right past it.

Building Your Following Can Be Simple

With the right mindset and some research, you can begin stacking up the retweets on Twitter for yourself. Your business page is going to be an important part of getting more people to check you out, so remember to keep the importance of original and engaging content at the forefront of your mind.

A little bit of work and time spent searching out relevant hashtags will go a long way in building up your visibility on Twitter, so spend time trying to build your following and post great content, and the followers, retweets, and hopefully, the new customers, will begin coming your way in no time.