How To Get More Organic YouTube Views

In today’s world, getting your YouTube videos to go viral is an essential part of growing your brand and spreading the word about your message. The 2nd largest search engine behind only Google (which owns YouTube), YouTube is one of the more preferred ways to educate and entertain audiences.

Visited by more than 22 billion visitors every single month, if you are not optimizing and increasing the number of organic views your YouTube videos get, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. To sum it all up, people simply love watching YouTube – a lot.

So why is it that it’s becoming harder and harder to get the organic views you want for your videos?

Why You Can’t Get Organic Views

As with anything that becomes mainstream, there are always those who try to cheat the system.  It is for this reason that it has become much harder to get your videos in front of your target audience in an organic fashion.  Whether it be the ever-changing bot algorithm or the lack of video optimization, it is simply harder to get organic views on YouTube than ever before.

Knowing this, you may be wondering exactly what you can do to tilt the odds into your favor to get those precious organic views.

Now keep in mind that you will need to do some simple optimization in order to boost your video’s YouTube ‘juice’. But the methods listed below will get your videos in front of more people than you would ever have imagined.  And as an added bonus, these very same methods will also help your videos to rank higher in Google searches as well.

With that being said, here is how to get more organic YouTube views starting today!

Use Keyword Rich Titles that are Descriptive

If you are trying to appeal to a certain group of viewers, you have more than likely already done some keyword research.  The title of your video is the perfect place for you to use them.  Just be sure that you make the title interesting as well (nobody wants to watch a video that sounds like it might be boring).

Essentially, when you use keywords and descriptive titles for your videos, they will be sorted accordingly for relevance and begin attracting new viewers organically.

Always Use Tags

Video tags help to further distinguish what the content of your video is.  This allows for YouTube’s algorithm to more completely understand what your video is actually about and get it in front of the right audience.

Optimize Your Video Thumbnail Image

The image you decide to use for your video once it is uploaded to YouTube has the potential to work wonders in terms of organic views.  This is because the thumbnail image you choose can be seen on the suggested videos section, the organic results search page, or even on other social media platforms.

When you use an image that jumps out and grabs potential viewers’ attention, they will be much more likely to check out what your video is all about.  For this reason, you should always make sure that your video thumbnail is as visually correspondent to your video description and video title.

Provide Quality Content that Entertains

When’s the last time you got excited to watch a video that was boring with poor content?  Nobody else has either.

So if you really want to get more viewers to your videos, you need to provide the best quality content that you can.  Whether this means helping them understand something, teaching them how to do something new, or just entertaining them, you must make sure that your videos offer the viewer value.

If you do this correctly, you will find that the new viewer will not only be back to check out your other videos but will spread the word about them as well.

Piggyback on What is Trending

If there is a trend that is already going viral, why not piggyback off of it to help your video get some organic views?  When a viral trend is happening, there is a massive built-in market of people who want to watch any and all related content.  So why not tap into that?

While it may not always be the easiest task to try and tie in with whatever is trending at that particular moment, when you are able to do it you will notice that the number of organic views on your videos goes through the roof.

Imitate the Best

There is a very good chance that you are not the very first person to make a video on whatever topic you are making a video on.  So why not imitate what is already popular?  This does not mean to copy or plagiarize in any sense, but rather create some type of similar content.

When you do this, YouTube will potentially list it in the sidebar under the Suggested Videos section or even in the grid of videos after a video has been completed.  When you create content that is similar to videos that have already gone viral or have tons of views, you should start to see these same viewers coming to watch your videos as well.

Take Advantage of Cards

Once you have successfully uploaded your video to YouTube, you have the option of enabling ‘cards’.  Cards are the little popups that show up in most videos and ask you to take some type of action.  While the action you want your viewers to take is completely up to you, some examples include:

  • Promoting some of your other videos and content
  • Asking viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Donating money to either you or a special cause
  • Sending viewer traffic over to your website

This is only a small list of examples that cards can be used for in your videos, but it gives you an idea of how powerful they can really be.

Use an End Screen

If you have ever watched a video on YouTube before, you have more than likely seen an end screen.  End screens are where you can offer the viewer some more of your videos, to check out your channel, direct them to your website, or even check out any playlists that you have put together.

To sum up end screens, they are the best way you can sneak in a promotion for your other videos before the YouTube algorithm decides what videos they recommend for the viewer.

Create and Promote a Marquee Video

When you have a marquee video, it has the potential to not only boost your YouTube channel but increase the awareness of all your other videos as well.  Your goal here should be to try and get your video to a minimum of 5,000 organic views.  Once this happens, that video will be much more likely to pop up in YouTube’s search results as it will be considered ‘popular’.

To get to the 5,000 organic views threshold, you can use the methods that have been listed above or even a special service (which will be explained later).

Create a Video Playlist

A playlist is a great way to get viewers to watch your videos in a consecutive manner.  Once the first video they watch comes to an end, it will simply move onto another one of your videos automatically.  This means that they will not have to do anything in order to watch more of your content.

Once you have created your video playlists, you can add them to your channel or even share them on other forms of social media to help get more viewers to them organically.

Use a YouTube Views Service

While most of the ways to boost the number of organic YouTube views your videos get will take some time to set up, there is one way that is kind of like a shortcut: You can always pay a service to help boost the number of views your videos get organically.

Now keep in mind that there are some companies out there that will use bots and other methods that YouTube considers to be a big no-no, so you will need to make sure that the company you decide to use is legit and will only send you human views. The increased number of views will give your video a bit of social proof that it’s worth watching.

When it comes to getting more YouTube views organically, it is not going to be rocket science.  With that being said, you will need to put in a little bit of time to get your videos properly optimized to rank in the YouTube search engine.

It is recommended that you definitely use the methods that have been outlined above, as well as start with a views service to get the initial wave of viewers in the door.  If you are creating great content that informs and entertains, you will have no problems boosting your organic views and turning your videos viral.

Just remember that the more videos you optimize, the easier the whole process will get for you.