How to Get More LinkedIn Connections and Endorsements

LinkedIn is an outstanding digital platform for people looking to succeed in the industry of their choosing. Whether you own a business or wishing to move up in your career, you can market yourself on the LinkedIn platform.

By gaining more connections and endorsements on the platform, you have a greater chance of accomplishing your professional goals.

Below is a detailed guide that should help you get more LinkedIn connections and endorsements. Follow these steps and there is no doubt you will have a successful experience on this business platform.

Highlight Relevant Skills

The first step to building more connections on LinkedIn and getting a lot of endorsements is to add skills that are most relevant to the work that you do.

There is a temptation to list every skill under the sun, but you must be realistic in this area. No person has skills for every possible topic or industry, which is why you must choose the ones that are relevant to your career.

Add all those skills, and remove any skills that are irrelevant. Perhaps you worked some other job in the past that had certain skills, but they do not pertain to your line of work anymore. Eliminate them from the list, and only keep the ones most relevant to your present and future career.

Tweak Your Endorsements Section

When you go to the edit section on LinkedIn, you have the chance to tweak the way various subsections are presented on your profile page. One section that you want to tweak is the “Skills & Expertise” tab.

Take the tab and move it higher up on your profile. Have it right underneath your summary, which makes it very visible to anyone who comes onto your page and finishes reading your summary.

When you have the endorsements section at the very bottom, which is the default, no one is going to think about them when they are on your page. You want the section front and center, as that prompts people to give you an endorsement as well.

Endorse Others

When you are asking for something from other people, you have to be willing to reciprocate. Say you want to build connections on the platform LinkedIn and you want to get a lot of endorsements.

You should also be making an effort to endorse a lot of people. As you go through LinkedIn and you start to see some familiar names, you could endorse those people without any prompt. Some of them may endorse you in return, and that is a great way to start building up your account.

Ask for Endorsements

There is a good chance you know more than a hundred different people on LinkedIn through your personal or professional life. You may have family members or friends on the platform, along with college acquaintances, work colleagues or people you worked with in the past.

As you see these people on the platform, send them a message and ask for an endorsement. You can keep the message short and sweet, and you can offer to endorse them back in return.

Such connection building is a great way for you to become more active on the platform, while you promote your own page in an effective and organic way.

Buy Connections on LinkedIn

Perhaps you are starting out on LinkedIn and you want to make fast inroads on the platform. You may have been dormant on the site for a long time as you were happy with your current job, and did not see a reason to build up your profile.

Now you are engaging on LinkedIn and you want to give your account a boost. One way to do so is to invest in connections from reputable websites.

When you buy LinkedIn connections from trustworthy sites, you are getting endorsements and connections from real people who use the platform. These are not bots or fake accounts with generic profile pictures.

Anyone who comes on your account will see these connections and endorsements and be more likely to give you one themselves.

Include Calls to Action

When you set up your profile and summary on LinkedIn, you should include a call to action near the end. Be explicit in telling people that you want them to endorse you for a particular skill, and you are more likely to get those endorsements.

If you are curious about how to fit in the call to action within your summary, you can always take a peek at some successful LinkedIn accounts to see how they phrased the call to action.

Offer Incentives for Endorsements

There is nothing wrong with a small sweetener to incentivize a person to give you an endorsement on LinkedIn. Perhaps you have some colleagues who are on the platform that might appreciate a free coffee or a meal or maybe a free eBook in return for an endorsement.

Such a strategy can even work with people you only know through the platform or other social media networks.

Update Your Status Regularly

LinkedIn is one of those platforms that a lot of people use, but few people use regularly. If you want to improve your connections and endorsements on the platform, you may want to post updates more often.

Change your status frequently, and share valuable information with those statuses. Whether you are adding meaningful quotes, providing details about accomplishments of your professional career, or talking about current events, such status updates make it more likely you will increase engagement on your channel.

Succeed on LinkedIn to Get Better Jobs

Having more connections and endorsements on LinkedIn is not only about your ego or some social proof. A prominent presence on the platform will help you accomplish all your professional goals.

When you interact with more people on LinkedIn, you are likely to learn about interesting jobs in your sector. If you follow the above techniques to get more connections and endorsements on LinkedIn, you are sure to get better jobs in your industry.