How to Get More Facebook Likes – Top 10 Ways

Is your business struggling to make inroads within your local market?

Are you tired of being quoted astronomical figures for social media marketing services?

Business owners, influencers, and freelancers do not necessarily need professional help to elevate their social media status.

There is a way for you to increase your visibility on Facebook; by getting more Facebook likes you can ensure that your official page is seen by as many people as possible.

Wondering how to get more Facebook likes on your page?

Below is a rundown of the top ten ways to increase the like count on your official Facebook page.

  1. Run Ads

Running ads on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to get more followers or likes. Engagement ads are fully customizable on Facebook, which means you can target these ads to the demographic that is most likely to have an interest in your products, services or interests.

Ads do cost money on Facebook, but you are spending money with the intent of increasing the visibility of your brand. If some of those people who come onto your Facebook page end up buying a product or service, the ad is money well spent.

Many business accounts also have success with conversion ads on Facebook.

  1. Buy Likes

There is a stigma against buying likes on Facebook because so many people find unhelpful websites that sell fake likes. When you are attempting to grow the reach of your Facebook account, rapidly getting a lot more likes on your page can help immensely.

Buying likes is a process you must engage in carefully. Ensure you find a reputable website that sells authentic likes from real users, not fake or low quality likes from bots. The high quality likes are from real people, which means your account does not run afoul of any Facebook terms.

Investing in likes on Facebook need only happen one or two times, ideally when your account is new. Then you have a base that allows you to build an even greater organic audience through quality content and engagement with your followers.

  1. Create Content That is Popular

Facebook users want content that informs, excites, engages and makes them laugh. Finding the ideal balance between all those characteristics in your content will help you create viral media.

Perhaps you should keep updated on current events and how they might intersect with your business or location. Posting about those events in a thoughtful way could help you get a lot more likes on your page.

Businesses often find success with viral videos on Facebook, especially ones that are short and interesting. Even 30 to 45 second videos can go viral on this platform, which means your focus should be on quality of content not quantity.

  1. Host Events

Events such as giveaways are an excellent way to drive engagement on Facebook. Whether you are running a business or freelancing as an influencer, you can host giveaways on your Facebook account every few weeks.

Such giveaways are the ideal way to gain more likes, as you can stipulate that anyone who wants to win a prize must like your page. Promising future giveaways helps retain those likes, as people look forward to your next virtual event.

The items you give away do not necessarily need to have a lot of value, but they should be appealing to the target market that is most likely to visit your Facebook page and click on the like button.

  1. Get People’s Attention

The purpose of a Facebook page for a business owner or influencer is to inform and excite. You are attempting to inform people about a product or service, or something that interests you. The content you produce should also make them enthusiastic.

Posting attention-grabbing content is an excellent way to get more likes. Ensure your articles are snappy, interesting, unique and well written.

Choose titles for your posts or other content very carefully. Titles should be attention grabbing, as you want the person who is reading your content to immediately want to read the entire post.

Try to create fun content that is relevant to your business, but also lays into current popular culture topics and memes. Finding the ideal intersection between these topics should get you maximum engagement, which leads to more Facebook likes.

  1. Add a Likes Pop-Up

When you are attempting to grow your Facebook page, using “in your face” marketing techniques is helpful. Adding a likes pop-up onto your website, Facebook page, and other social media channels could be a helpful way for you to get more followers on this platform.

You could add the likes pop-up onto your website, and ensure people can see the pop up when they are engaging with your content. If you have a YouTube channel, you could shout out the idea of people going onto your Facebook page and giving it a like.

If you are worried about annoying people with pop-ups, you can choose to have the pop-up appear after a certain amount of time. Perhaps you could show the pop-up to someone who is on your Facebook page or website for at least 30 seconds.

  1. Leverage Facebook Live

People assume that a lot of the content that goes viral on Facebook comes from outside sources, or consists of short videos. The truth is that even Facebook Live videos have become a lot more popular.

Many Facebook Live posts do go live, both regionally and internationally. Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience, answer questions, offer behind the scenes sneak peeks, and showcase new product or store launches.

Ensure you are marketing your Facebook Live on your website and all social channels. You can even use the same feed to go live on Facebook and Instagram, if you have different audiences on each platform.

Choose a time when a lot of people will be online, and then you can get maximum engagement during your live session.

  1. Work With Influencers

Many business owners think partnerships with influencers are only useful for larger companies. While those businesses may have more money within their marketing budget, even a local business can use help from influencers to increase social following and brand awareness.

Assess the niche of your business, seek out influencers in your area that have an interest in that niche, and then attempt to get in touch with them. You could offer free products or services, significant discounts, or other perks to get them on board.

Influencers can post reviews of your product, photographs or videos at your location, or other content that combines their passion with your product or service. Grabbing Facebook likes from an influencer’s audience is very helpful, as those people are more likely to buy your products or services than a random follower.

  1. Use Automation Cleverly

Facebook has excellent marketing automation tools that every content creator, small business owner and general user should leverage at one point or another. Not everyone has time to micromanage their Facebook account, especially if they are running a business full time.

You can set up automation tools that will publish posts on your account at specific times each day. There are some tools within Facebook for such a purpose, but you can also link third party automation tools to your Facebook profile.

Automation is helpful as it allows you to create a schedule with your audience. People come to expect that you will post content at a certain time each day, or on certain days of the week. With automation, you can do all the work whenever you are free, but post at the ideal times for engagement.

  1. Add Social Media Links to Your Website

Countless business owners and influencers wonder why they are not getting as much engagement on a particular platform. A brief analysis of their website and social media profiles often shows there is no link between those various platforms.

If you have an official page on most social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you must ensure all these pages are connected. The same is true for your website.

Create little widgets that you can place at a specific spot on all the web pages on your website, and use those widgets to attract people to your social media accounts. You could even advertise the name of your Facebook profile within any biography or about sections of your website.

Having a connection between all these pages will result in more people being able to find your entire social presence.

Getting Likes on Facebook is Easy

Social media is the perfect venue for businesses and influencers to interact with potential customers and loyal buyers alike.

If your page does not have enough likes, you can get creative in order to increase that like count. The above methods should give your Facebook page a significant boost in terms of visibility and engagement rate. Then you can enact a successful social media marketing campaign using that page.