How to Get More Twitter Followers

Over the years, Twitter has grown to become one of the most used and most posted-on social network on the web. Right behind Facebook and Instagram, Twitter fields millions of users every day, all of them logging on to see what their favorite figures are tweeting and to take part in the conversation for themselves.

Twitter is a huge platform, and business owners who are looking to gain more exposure for their businesses online can really leverage the social network to get more folks interested in what they’re doing.

If you know some of the features of Twitter and how you can use them to your own advantage, you can get plenty more eyes on your business, whether you run an online business or a brick-and-mortar operation.

One of the biggest keys to getting more eyes on your content on Twitter is to amass as many followers as you can. Not only will this make your tweets appear more legit, but they will also encourage more people to follow you because they serve as social proof; a high number of followers on social media often translates to how trustworthy and authoritative people find profiles on social media platforms to be.

Ready to find out how you can get more followers on your own Twitter profile? Check out some of these hints that should help anyone trying to establish a presence on Twitter to have better luck.

  1. Post Content People Will Love

One of the simplest ways to get people interested in your content is to simply post engaging content that people will be interested in. Original, unique content will help your profile to stand out to people interested in what you are talking about.

You should use images in your tweets to help illustrate what you are all about, and share helpful, informative, or entertaining content with the people who follow you.

Make sure you keep your tweets relevant to your niche to maximize the number of followers who might find you.

This means that if you run a bakery, for example, you should keep most of your tweets relevant to baking so people interested in baking will be more interested in following you and checking out your tweets when you post them.

  1. Take Advantage of #Hashtags

Like Instagram, Twitter categorizes posts using hashtags. In order for people to find content they care about on the platform, all they need to do is find relevant hashtags to what kind of their account focuses on, and use those hashtags in their posts. This way, their tweets will appear with the other relevant tweets, and with some creativity and a little work, you can learn how to make your tweets stick out from the crowd.

When you are first creating your profile and working on establishing your presence on Twitter, look around at tweets with similar content to what you are going to be posting. Take notes of the hashtags the account used on the post.

These hashtags are how people will easily be able to find your posts, so make sure you try to keep all of your hashtags as relevant to the content you are posting as possible.

People love accounts who post useful, informative, and original tweets, so make sure you are taking full advantage of the hashtag so you are able to get all of those eyes on your own content!

  1. Post Frequently

On Twitter you need to tweet pretty consistently to keep your profile current. People are always looking at new profiles on posts on Twitter, and you don’t want yours to get buried in the mix just because someone is posting more often than you. You want your posts to appear with all of the others on a follower’s timeline so that they will be sure to see what you have tweeted.

What if you simply don’t have time to be sitting around tweeting all day?

This is no problem at all, because all kinds of services exist that allow you to schedule your tweets to go out whenever you would like them to. This means you simply load up a tweet into the queue after it is composed, decide which time and day you would like it to be posted, and that’s it.

  1. Engage With Replies and Retweets

Followers on Twitter love it when an account they follow actively engages with them. Working to engage with the community you build around your profile can really resonate with your followers and let them know that you care about establishing a rapport with them.

Pay attention to your retweets, comments, and replies on your tweets.

If you have the time, try to sit down and reply or react to a good deal of them. It helps your followers to know that you really do take the time to read what they have to say and respond to it.

In fact, this very act alone might even show other people on Twitter that you are a brand that likes to engage with its followers, and you might even be able to net more followers because of it. Isn’t that exciting?

  1. Utilize Follower Buying Services

If you’re just not having the luck you thought you would have on Twitter when it comes to building up a following, don’t hesitate to simply buy some followers. That’s right, you read that correctly – you can purchase actual followers on Twitter (and other platforms, too) and help give your profile a boost in the rankings.

Why would you want to do this? Well, for a few reasons.

  • People trust accounts with more followers

It is no secret that on Twitter and platforms like it, people seem to trust accounts with millions of followers more than they do accounts with just a few thousand or less. Purchasing followers means that you give your page a significant “trust boost” among people on the platform, who might be more willing to check out your content if they think you are a well-established brand.

  • More followers can lead to more engagement

When you have all of those followers on your account, you will also draw in more engagement, and might even gain some organic followers because of it. You can use this opportunity to engage with the people who are checking out your content, and begin building a rapport with the community who is checking out your content.

  • More engagement can lead to easier discoverability

If you really want to blow up on Twitter, you need to make sure you are able to be discovered with ease. This is why engagement and a high follower count can really come in handy, because the more your profile rises in popularity, the easier it is to find for those who have never seen it before. In essence, the harder you work to build up the amount of people who follow you, the simpler you should be to find.

As you can see, there are some solid advantages to using a follower buying service. Not only could it give you a head start in the world of gaining followers and getting your content seen, but it could also make you simpler to discover overall and possibly gain you organic followers.

Why Care About Building Up a Twitter Following?

You should definitely care about building up your following on Twitter.

People on Twitter identify with the brands and accounts they follow, and the more you establish your page as one who will reply to comments, engage with the community, and post content that people enjoy, the more you will be able to reap all of the benefits of having an account with a good following.

It’s not all about getting digital thumbs-up and smiley faces.

No, it is more about the potential to turn those followers and digital thumbs-ups into cold, hard cash.

With some work, you can convert followers into paying customers. All you need to do is put your content front and center and let people know why they should purchase from your brand. Your content should help push people in that direction – letting them know what is so special about your business and what sets it apart from the competition.

Make your content about your business and what your business can do for people. With enough time and some dedication to getting it done, you can begin funneling people from simple Twitter followers to someone who is willing to pull out their wallet for your products, and that is how you know you are succeeding on social media.

What Will You Do?

Are you ready to begin taking advantage of some of the ways Twitter is able to help you get in front of the masses easily? Make an account on the platform, find your relevant hashtags for your niche, and begin posting quality content to lure those potential followers to your page.

Be creative and smart, and with some imagination and time spent working on it, and you can turn your Twitter profile into a billboard for your business with plenty of people clamoring to check you out.