Five Incredible, Shocking Visual Effects Instagram Accounts

Showcasing talent and skill on social media has been a way for artists, designers, and creators of every kind to interact and leave their mark on the world. Instagram offers an amazing platform to both share pieces and gain exposure, and some visual effect artists have even found their fame just by posting their work to Instagram. Using Instagram as a way to get involved with the artistic community can not only benefit you by getting the word out to others who can admire your talent but also by meeting new friends and picking up on some valuable tips and tricks that you can implement in your future work. Visual effects are something fun that catches the eye, so you’ll get all kinds of followers and fans once you start using Instagram as a way to advertise your skill set.


The best part about visual effects is that it comes in all sorts of different types, from big to small. Some like to do creative, intense make-up while others use computer animation and CGI to make worlds that were previously unimaginable. While you can find a little bit of everything on Instagram in some corner of the app, we picked up 5 incredible accounts that have lots of visual effects that enhance their content! Check out these favorites and use the hashtags they use to find some of your own!

  1. Zach King @zachking: This popular king of social media proves that you don’t need years of practice to create great visual effects! His videos are all unique, fresh, and original with fun, creative ways that he’s tricked the eye. In addition to his popular Instagram account, he also hosts a YouTube channel for his crazy clips!
  2. Marc Clancy @powdah: An Australian self-taught make-up artist has utterly mastered the horror aspect of special effect make-up, and has created some incredible visual effects with his work. Be careful if you do check out this account, though! It has a lot of insane graphic images of his make-up art, and some of them can get pretty gory. There’s no doubt about his skill as a visual effects artist, that’s for sure! He also works as a visual designer for a popular company in Australia when he isn’t practicing special effects make-up.
  3. Kirby Jenner @kirbyjenner: It’s a bit of a cheat, but we have to include this silly Instagram user in this list. This visual effects “artist” takes pictures of himself in a bushy mustache and expertly photoshops them into images with famous model Kendall Jenner.
  4. Kat @luvekat: Another special effects make-up account, but with a little less gore. This amazing designer can create more than just stunning beauty make-up. In fact, she can do full-body designs and completely transform herself into anything! From crazy glam Joker looks, to literal candy skull make-up, this Instagram famous user brings to life insane imagery on her own skin with a few flicks of a brush.