Extreme Winter Sports: 5 Instagram Accounts You HAVE To Follow

Instagram and sports have gone hand-in-hand ever since the social media networking app has made its incredible mark in the world of the internet. Many people have taken to the visual-based platform to show off their different skills, many of which include adventuring and extreme sports. From surfing to horseback riding, you can find a few accounts for just about any activity on Instagram. A couple of the most incredible sports communities represented by the app are extreme winter sports, specifically skiing and snowboarding.

While some places seem never get to see the amazing white powder that covers the ground, and creates a perfect playground for snow sports. Others deal with it every day and have made playing in the snow their life work and passion. Instagram loves to capture these lifestyles, and some of the accounts we’ve found and listed have iimpressed bodies of work by some of the best winter athletes there is.

  1. Marko Grilc @grilo: As a father and professional snowboarding champion sponsored by Redbull and Burton, this Instagram account is full of amazing shots of his daring runs, adorable children, and beautiful scenery of his wintry travels. The way he shares small peeks into his life is a beautiful way to connect on a deeper level.
  2. Frode Sandbech @frodesandbech: Professional shots of amazing skiers and snowboarders and winter sights, as well as a few other side projects done by this incredible artists, fill this account up with gorgeous imagery and inspiration. His work reflects that of the winter sports magazine he works for, and he travels around to capture great shots of the powdery action in still-motion.
  3. Mason Mashun @mason_mashun: Some of the best in-action winter sports shots can be found on this Instagram page, overflowing with spectacular imagery, insane stunts, and breath-taking views. This photography has a passion for capturing that “wow” moment just as it begins.
  4. Hannah Teter @hannahteter: For snowboarding fans, this name has already escaped your lips a few times. She is an Olympic gold and silver medalist and an incredible snowboarding champion. Her Instagram account is a fantastic reflection of her achievements and has great shots of her in action, cute selfies, and peeks into her life off of the snow.
  5. Chris Davenport @steepskiing: Take skiing to the next level, or at least see the visual representation of doing so. Filled with crazy shots of maximum, intense ski runs, this Instagram is taken at the moment by the participating athlete himself! Tons of super big mountains, fast treks down them, and beautiful scenery will leave you double-tapping his content.

Finding other extreme sports accounts, as well as connecting with Olympians and World Champions is made easy on Instagram. Click over and check out the #skiing or #snowboarding hashtags and look at the account results, or peek at some of the hashtags your favorite winter extreme sports athletes are using lately!