Drone Photography: The Best Accounts to Follow!

While many different business industries have made friendly with helpful drone photography, several artists have done so as well, using the trend to capture amazing imagery for their  accounts on Instagram. Drone photography is a breath-taking way to immortalize a view from high up; and it’s easier to do than having to find someone with a plane or a hang-glider – though those make great shots, too, and are a lot of fun! Several photographers have hopped on the growing bandwagon; and we’ve gone into the depths on Instagram to get some of the best accounts that feature stunning drone photography. If you like what you see, give them a follow and share the love! Drones are an amazing way to capture unique shots, and these accounts are the living proof of the wonder that this planet has to offer us.

  1. Simone Bramante @brahmino: Italian photography and storyteller, this Instagram user have perfect the use of lighting and drove photography to create imagery that is stunning and leaves you scrolling, unable to escape the feed of incredible photographs. In addition to the images taken with a drone, he has other amazing work included in the never-ending feed of talent.
  2. From Where I Drone @fromwhereidrone: An amazing account dedicated to the drone photography from all over the world, to sunny beaches with colorful umbrellas to the trees with turning leaves in fall, every post features high-quality constant of the best drone photography you can find on the Internet.
  3. Tobias Hägg @airpixels: Enjoying the world from above is exactly how this photographer chooses to capture his work in gorgeous imagery. From romantic, misty shots of the ocean with crashing waves to moody fir trees on mountains, our planet has never looked as exquisite as it does feature on this beautiful account by a very talented artist.
  4. Austin Butler @clearskieshi: A photography based extension of his personal account, the fun-loving traveler documents his adventures in a series of shots from above with his drone, featuring landscapes of every kind. He is the best at making something beautiful out of an ordinary scene, using height to his advantage.
  5. Matt Deakin @from.miles.away: Fun fact, Australia looks amazing with a bird’s-eye view! This Australian photographer is an incredible artist who takes amazing shots of the scenery from Down Under, including the ocean, sandy beaches, and flooring sunsets. The use of various lighting, and even some of the overcast weather has given him the ability to make you feel right at the moment, transporting you miles away.
  6. Sean Stalteri @plotography: You need to discover this hidden gem.Though his follower count isn’t as high as others, the content on this fantastic account is stunning. The photographer uses his drone to capture landscapes with “maze vibes,” sucking you into a sort of optical trail that keeps going. If optical illusions could come in the form of drone photography, this account has it covered.