Best Techniques to Increase Your YouTube Rankings

Modern businesses rely on social media to increase brand awareness and connect with potential customers and YouTube is an excellent place to achieve those goals.

Not only can you inform people about your products or services through a YouTube channel, but you can create a following for your company. The issue is that you may be struggling to increase your YouTube ranking, despite posting multiple videos.

Below is a guide that should help you boost the follower count of your YouTube channel.

How Rankings Are Determined

The reason you should care about your ranking on YouTube is because that determines where your video places in search results pages within the platform.

Much like SEO is about getting you to a higher spot on Google search results pages, this guide is going to help you achieve a higher spot on YouTube search results pages. When someone searches for keywords related to your niche, they are going to see your videos at the top of the list.

The factors that determine ranking on the platform include your video title, tags, unique thumbnails, and text transcripts for the spoken portion of your videos. Ensure you are paying attention to each of these factors for every video if you want to achieve a higher ranking.

Other factors that play a role in your ranking on YouTube include the number of views you get on your videos, on average, and the number of people who are subscribed to your channel.

Below are some of the best techniques to increase your YouTube rankings.

Channel Optimization

Every aspect of your channel should be perfect if you want to achieve that high rank. Start by optimizing your channel name and description, along with the titles for all your videos and their descriptions.

Perhaps you have a lot of older videos with generic thumbnails. Go back and add unique thumbnails for all those videos. Write up transcripts for them as well. The process may take some time, but you will see an increase in view counts for those videos and a boost to your ranking almost immediately.

Curate Playlists

If you want people to become invested in the content you are producing, showing them a series of videos on the same topic is a good way to start. There is a good chance your videos fall into several subcategories, even if your channel is about a single topic or industry.

Splitting videos into playlists is helpful in getting people to watch more than one of your videos, and to eventually subscribe to your channel. You can even advertise these playlist during individual videos, as you tell people to click on a playlist to watch more videos on the topic in question.

Become an Authority

Showcase your channel and your social media presence in general as an authority on your chosen industry or niche. Becoming an authority takes time, but you can work at it step by step.

Ensure every aspect of your channel is very professional, from your branding to your name to the videos you are producing. Do the same for your other social media accounts, and ensure the aesthetic is the same across all of them.

When you give off professional vibes, produce quality videos and start to get more followers, you will be seen as an authority on a topic. That boosts your YouTube ranking.

Buy Viewers and Followers

Given the fact that having more views on your videos and more followers for your channel can improve your ranking, you should not hesitate to buy views and followers from reputable third party sites.

These are websites where you can purchase followers and views from real people who have YouTube accounts. You are not buying bot views or fake followers, which is why they are worth the money.

Having a higher rank through buying views and followers is not something you can do in the long term. Such a method can, however, give you the short term boost you are seeking to elevate your channel.

Boost Visibility

YouTube has a very effective advertising platform that you can use to make your channel more visible. The platform allows you to direct those ads in a very specific way, which ensures they are being seen by the people most likely to consume your content.

Whether you create skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, or banner ads that go on the platform, these ads will help you get more people along to your channel.

Ensure your ads are engaging to the audience, not too long, and very relevant to the topics that you are discussing on your channel. The ad should be something that shows off the personality of your channel and demonstrates that you are an authority on the subject.

Create Consistent and Quality Content

The bottom line is that if you are hoping to succeed on YouTube, you need to be creating better content on a consistent basis. Posting a single video a month that is only a few minutes long is not enough to justify having a higher base of subscribers or a better rank on the platform.

Create videos that are relevant to your chosen industry or niche, but ensure they are unique and completely in the voice that matches your company’s aesthetic. Assess the topics that your potential audience would find the most interesting, and make videos about those topics.

If you are serious about having a high rank on YouTube, you will not be afraid to elevate your videos through spending more money on production and working harder on the scripts for your videos.

Succeed on YouTube

Success on the YouTube platform is not only about getting more viewers and making ad-money on the platform. You are aiming to accomplish the social media marketing goals set out for your business.

Having more followers on your YouTube channel, more views on your videos and a better YouTube ranking will help you better market your products and services. The above steps can help you improve your YouTube ranking.