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At Twicsy Marketing, we firmly believe in revolutionizing the approach to social media marketing. We advocate for a more valuable and less intrusive method, where customer loyalty is earned rather than purchased. Our enthusiasm for this mission drives us, and we are committed to assisting others, regardless of whether they are small enterprises or major brands, in maximizing the potential of their social media channels to attract and engage new customers. We are thrilled to simplify social media marketing for all through our informative blog posts, captivating videos, engaging podcasts, and supportive community.


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Originally established as a platform for photo exploration on Twitter, Twicsy has evolved into one of the most extensive resources for social media marketing worldwide. Our dedicated team of editors remains at the forefront of industry trends, relentlessly searching for the most effective social media strategies to share with you. As your ultimate destination for all things related to social media marketing, we ensure that you receive unmatched value and comprehensive insights.

Stay ahead of the curve with Twicsy Marketing as we bring you the freshest updates from the social media marketing industry. Whether it's the latest algorithm changes on Instagram or the ongoing legal battles of Facebook, we've got you covered with insightful discussions.

Unveil the simplicity of social media marketing with our curated collection of highly effective strategies. From Instagram and Facebook to Twitter and YouTube, we provide you with the most valuable tactics for all major platforms.

Accelerate your social media marketing prowess by learning from the brightest minds in the field. Engage in our enriching podcasts and interactive Q&A sessions, where expert marketers share their secrets and knowledge.

Sometimes, it's wise to entrust specialized tasks to seasoned professionals. As of 2020, Twicsy Marketing proudly offers personalized social media marketing services exclusively tailored for select clients. Connect with us to discover more about this opportunity.

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The social media industry is perpetually buzzing with activity. Naturally, staying abreast of the latest news and trends can be challenging. That’s precisely why we established Twicsy Marketing—for the benefit of our readers, for your benefit.

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