6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Exotic Car Lovers

Passionate artists and photographers have flocked to Instagram, since the social media platform first kicked off, because of the heavy visual content and built-in editing system for photos. Since then, it’s grown to be a prominent place for everyone who has something to share with others to get involved and build a community with other like-minded people. Businesses, celebrities, and even car dealerships have gotten busy posting content to Instagram and reaching out to their audience through the app. For gearheads, this is an excellent way to fill your feed up with impressive imagery of beautiful, exotic cars. There is an Instagram account for everything out there, and cars are one of the most loved communities within the app. Check out these set of six great user profiles that features exotic cars, from classic to luxury!

  1. Classic Driver @classicdriver: With the following of 109k and counting, this Instagram account has taken the photography of classic cars and turned it mainstream, and it’s fans love In addition to their amazing photography account that serves as an extension for their website, you can purchase the cars you see featured directly on their site along with other vintage accessories like watches!
  2. Love Cars @lovecars: The name should sell itself. By following this account, you’ll get to experience their posts, several times a day usually, which are heavy on sleek, exotic cars featured in extraordinary photography. They love cars, you love cars, so what are you waiting for?
  3. Jeremy Heslup @valkyrfilms: Filming and photographing cars is what this artist is all about, and he’s done so on a professional platform, too. He’s worked with names like CNN, Redbull, and Petrolicious to create stunning imagery in both moving film and stils. Living the dream is taken here!
  4. Petrolicious @petrolicious: This group of exotic car photographers made it big in California, where they get all their amazing shots of vintage, classic cars racing down the roads. As one of the greatest names in car enthusiasts, they’ve made a strong social media presence, and have racked up a grand following of 276k, growing more each day!
  5. Faraday Future @faradayfuture: The tech experts for this company use their Instagram account to feature their newest designs in innovative, advanced technology for cars. Their high-quality content shows them working on their inventions, stellar shots of luxury cars from the biggest brands, and explanations for their in-depth work and features under development.
  6. Cars & Coffee @carsandcoffeeitaly: You obviously already love cars, but what about coffee? If it’s another one of your indulgences, you’ll add this Instagram account. Start planning a trip to Italy, because these incredible meet-ups between car and coffee lovers are some of the best, most exciting ones out there. If you can’t get over immediately, let this Instagram account feed you fed with amazing shots of every kind of exotic car under the sun, enhanced with the ever-present appearance of delicious coffees.