5 Inspiring Vegan Instagram Accounts

Food-centric Instagram accounts have been a popular way for cooks and food lovers to get involved in the visual-based social media app, and the different types of ways that food content is posted significantly varies. From critics to recipes to just beautiful pictures of food, everyone loves to post about their dinner. Between all the images of steak, chicken, and fish, the vegans are a little lost within a world of carnivores. Instagrammers have been able to find, create, and share amazing vegan recipes, and this list focuses on the top five vegan Instagram food accounts that followers adore.

  1. Chef Mary Mattern @nomyourself: This cookbook author has created an incredible Instagram feed just full of tantalizing vegan dishes, occasional selfies, and inspiring quotes and posts to motivate her followers to stay healthy and eat vegan! She travels and documents the places she visits, the food she eats, and the fun she has along the way.
  2. Kim-Julie Hansen @brusselsvegan: A New York-based vegan enthusiast who also runs three other successful vegan food accounts and hosts her website. She also uses her personal Instagram account to encourage other vegans further to stay active and get inspired. Her posts are all about amazing, healthy food and where she finds them or how she prepares the dishes.
  3. Timothy Pakron @mississippivegan: If you love Southern food and like to comfort your soul with filling dishes, this Instagram is a perfect fit. This artist and chef create and shares fantastic vegan food inspired by the south. Scattered between his food posts are cute selfies of his family, a little bit of his photography work, and images of fresh produce to inspire you to get cooking!
  4. Kai Nora @knfx: Flawless photography meets vegan food on this account, filled with stunning images of healthy food dishes and desserts. Most of the posts come from recipes that she creates on her Tumblr account linked to her Instagram through her bio.
  5. Three Bunnies @3.bunnies: A vegan couple shares this account and offers incredible recipes, inspiring posts, and insight into their happy, vegan life together. They’ve made adorable phrases and saying and even created a hashtag for their posts under #bunnyapproved. This couple actually understands how to motivate and captivate their audience, and it’s clear they eat great!
  6. Maya Sozer @thedreamyleaf: This photographer uses her Instagram account to highlight recipes found on her website and cookbook. She includes sneak peeks, vague updates, and fun activities for her followers to excite others to try a vegan lifestyle. Her food looks amazing!

  7. Kristina @vegankrizzleybear: German vegan account ran by a sweet, inspirational chef. She shares her recipes directly on her account with her followers and keeps everyone upbeat and motivated with vegan quotes and ideas.
  8. Olivia @theveganpecan: Simplistic photography and amazing vegan dishes combine together on this incredible account. Her imagery is stunning, and the recipes that she shares on the app all look amazing and delicious. She is an undiscovered gem in the community.