5 Antique Instagram Stores to Follow for Vintage Collectors and Hunters

It’s amazing just how many different types of Instagram accounts are out there. From every end of the world, people are looking to get involved with sharing their hobbies, activities, and passions in the visual posting format that the social media app offers. Even antiquity hunters have managed to use Instagram to their benefit by creating accounts for their businesses, events, and personal endeavors. Sharing your love for vintage memorabilia and furniture is a great thing to use Instagram for, because of it’s a heavy focus on visuals. You’ve already got an eye for lovely things, and everyone can be great photography with their built-in editing app, so you’re set! Some accounts have mastered how to create great antique hunting sharing on Instagram, and we’ve gone ahead and found the best of the best to share with you! Find inspiration and give these awesome profiles a follow!

  1. Mid Century Warehouse @the_hunt_vintage: An extension to the sought-after antique warehouse and furniture store in Los Angeles, California, this Instagram account is full of incredible antique furniture. It’s still a good way to bolster your wishlist and get a daily dose of antiques, even if you’re not located nearby.
  2. Na Nin Vintage @naninvintage: This Instagram account is going to create your dreams if vintage clothing is your style. Each piece is one of a kind when they restore and occasionally lightly restyle all of their unique clothing. It’s also super easy to order them, too! Just email them that you’re looking to buy something that you saw posted online, and they’ll give you an invoice. You have to be quick, though! They run on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. The Old Cinema @theoldcinemalondon: This store, all antique vintage furniture, deals out of an old, recycled cinema building in London and is the only one of it’s kind in the beautiful city. You can take a look at their website with a link to their bio, and even add items to your basket if you are within their retail areas! Their artistic game is on point, when they feature some of the coolest furniture on the account, even if you’re not looking to buy.
  4. Doe & Hope @doeandhope: Antique decorations are what this account and it’s affiliated website deal with, and the owner of the brand is unbelievable at giving some finishing touches to their pieces for sale, making them better than ever. The powerful use of filters gives a romantic touch to this feed, like an old movie.